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About Us

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Terri Corriston

Terri Corriston, owner of Lakeside Designs, is a professional interior designer. She began her career in the fashion industry. After raising her family, she decided to bring her keen fashion style into the interior design world, starting a highly successful staging business servicing Bergen County and beyond. Her clients were so impressed with her design eye and attention to detail, she expanded her business to include custom home remodels, renovations, and interior design refresher projects. From full design of custom kitchens and bathrooms, to offering guidance in choosing paint colors and home furnishings, Terri and her team will help you transform your home into your dream home.


After initial consultation and completion of our design questionnaire, Lakeside Designs will provide an estimate of the client’s projected design timeline and anticipated deliverables. Every client is different, and every project varies greatly. As such, Lakeside Designs offers multiple packages to suit our clients’ needs. Pricing is based on hourly design packages.

Meet the Team

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