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Interior Design Consultation

Interior Design Consultation (60 minutes):         
During your initial consultation, our designers will walk through your home (or review project drawings) and discuss design ideas as well as get a feel for your lifestyle and tastes. Should you choose to proceed with our services, the initial design consultation will apply toward your Design Package.

Design Packages

Design Packages:

  •  Ten Hour Design Block           

  •  Twenty Hour Design Block   

  •  Additional 5 Hour Block     

Please note: We will advise you within two hours of your approaching time allotment expiring. At that time, we will gauge where the project stands, and if additional time is recommended. It is important to keep in mind that timelines can be dependent upon lead time of deliverables, such as tile/ cabinetry/ appliances/furnishings. We strive to be as transparent as possible and work with your timeline accordingly. Additional blocks can be purchased in five-hour bundles.
Thank you for choosing Lakeside Designs. We are excited to help you design your beautiful home to create the space you love!

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